Tatiana Graham Coaching and Facilitation

Partnering with people on their wholehearted and intentional leadership journey

About Me

I love learning about people and have a deep compassion for our individual journeys.

Throughout my 20-year career as a HR partner and training facilitator, I’ve worked with domestic and global leaders of all levels, helping them become wholehearted and intentional in their people approach. In 2022, I decided to leave the corporate world and step into my calling as a transformational and leadership coach and facilitator.I am a genuinely curious person and utilize my inquisitive nature to help people uncover their unique paths forward and reach their full potential so they can better lead their teams, their work, and themselves. I have a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to show up as their authentic self in every aspect of life.I also hold a strong belief that leaders have a responsibility, and when they are at their best, they can elevate their teams and work. I oftentimes see people in leadership positions who are not what we call natural leaders, and need additional help and tools that can allow them to be successful and grow into their role.

My areas of expertise include helping first-time managers, experienced leaders, and teams become better versions of themselves through 1:1 coaching, training, and facilitation.

As your coach, I will take an active approach in understanding who you are at your core. During your coaching journey, we will focus on your strengths and the values you align with to help develop the very best version of yourself in a constructive environment that mixes care, playfulness, and exploration of what’s outside of your comfort zone.One of my favorite quotes from a former boss is “There is no greater gift than clarity.” I want to do everything I can to partner with and help people gain that clarity — about themselves, the work, their teams, and their career. At the end of the day, I am all about helping people, and I can’t wait to partner with you and see you attain your goals!


International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach Badge
Newfield Certified Coach Badge
LSP Certification Badge


I practice what's called
"ontological coaching."

When we work together, we look at the parts of you at play when you make a decision and take action, and how you can shift these parts in order to take different actions and land different results. We explore the language used in internal and external narratives, the emotions involved developing emotional fluency and what’s happening in the body.By creating a welcoming, safe environment, we work together to build self-awareness and learn new tools that support your journey and help you show up as your very best self. Clients often come to me interested in learning new skills or to re-wire their leadership brains and end up experiencing a holistic transformation that extends beyond work into their everyday lives.Clients come to me when they are:

  • In times of transition and need support around what’s next; whether that be for a new job, new role, or a new company where they want to start off on the right foot

  • Looking to grow as a leader by learning new tools, clarifying their leadership philosophy or learning how to show up authentically so they can be wholehearted and effective in their approach

  • Looking to build self-confidence, find their voice, and take a stand for what they care about

  • Needing help integrating work-life and life-life, and explore what self-care looks like for them

  • Identifying core values and developing strategies to remain aligned with them


I believe team building and team training are necessary to develop and maintain strong team culture, trust and ultimately high performance. Yet sometimes those exercises can feel dull.

I strive to make my facilitated trainings meaningful and fun.

I utilize an array of existing tools and trainings to customize a program that fits the unique needs of the team. I work with first-time leaders who want to bring a new team together to C Suite executives looking to create a new a strategy. You can expect interactive, adult learning methods from my programs, including LEGO® Serious Play®, which adds a layer of hands-on thinking to the work at hand.Teams comes to me when they are interested in:

  • Identifying team values and guiding principles

  • Exploring what trust is, what it means for the team, and how to build trust quickly in new teams whether for a special project or regular ongoing team

  • Learning about communication styles and how they can impact the team work

  • Developing clear expectations, accountability, and boundaries

  • Strength exploration and learning how to leverage them individually and together as a team

  • Discovering individual conflict styles and how to expand the repertoire of responses possible to reduce stress response and have productive conflicts


Reach out for a free 30-minute consultation (via phone or Zoom) to learn more about how we might work together to find your voice, build confidence, and deliver where it matters.